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Best Times for Tree Trimming

Overgrown trees and bushes can be a hazard to your house and compound. Overgrown trees may fall off, hence causing damage to the nearby structures. Additionally, strangers and other endangered animals may use overgrown bushes as their hideouts. For that reason, it is always essential to cut off overgrown bushes and trimming your trees. When trees are trimmed, your compound and the entire home looks marvelous. However, you don’t just wake up one day and decide to call a tree trimming service provider to cut off or trim the trees. Rather, it requires adequate planning to ensure that the best work is done. At this point, you must be asking yourself when the best time to trim your trees or call a tree trimming service is. Here are some of the tips that will help you know the exact time for calling a tree trimming service provider for the best services.

When the tree branches have become brittle and unstable. Once the tree branches have overgrown, they are usually dead and weak. This begins with small branches falling off from the trees. Continuous falling of smaller branches will lead to the final fall of the main branches, which would lead to a lot of damage. You therefore should expect larger branches to fall off when the smaller ones commence. For the purpose of preventing any kind of damages therein, it is vital that you consider calling a tree trimming service for immediate action.

Diseased and infested branches. There are certain types of pests that may occupy the branches and the stem of the tree, for example beetles and ants. For the purpose of building a residence, these pests usually eat up the inner part of the tree. This makes trees to fall off due to the fact that they become weak. Additionally, there are diseases associated with trees, and they usually affect the branches. Such diseases make the branches weak and they may fall off easily. Therefore, when you note any of the following, then you automatically know it’s the time to trim your trees. The best decision you can make at such a time is calling a tree removal service to get the best assistance.

With all being said, the overall time to trim your trees or call a tree trimming service provider is during winter. This is because during winter, trees remain dominant, hence the rate of infestation is low, the reaction from the surrounding is less, and the trees do heal faster. If there are no emergence cases as mentioned above, you then should time from November through March so that you can call a tree trimming service provider to trim and cut overgrown trees.